Walk through a giant 115 feet tall replica of the human body at the Corpus Science Museum in the Netherlands. Your Fantastic Voyage through the museum starts with an escalator ride into an open sore on your giant victim’s leg and ends among the pulsing neurons in his brain.  Explore the ventricles of the heart….

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Dita Von Teese in John Galliano for Christian Dior Haute Couture (Fall 2005)  by Ruven Afanador for Elle UK (Pocket Issue November 2005)


he’s blonde or as you affectionately and more specifically call him “a complete and utter mess” blonde in reference to how he constantly looks as though he’s just rolled out of either a satisfying sleep or the most restless night of his life. but somehow he pulls it off but you can’t let him know that, oh no, beyond juvenile teasing

he towers over you by four inches and maybe “towers” is an exaggeration, but the fact of being taller than you itself is enough to make him grin. even if it just exasperates you. it’s just height, you say. it’s not significant. but it makes him grin. pulls the closest thing you see to a smile from the corners of his lips and makes the toothpick wedged between them hang on the verge of falling. and there’s a tugging within your gut that pulls the closest thing you feel to a genuine sincere feeling from the depths and makes you feel like you’re on the verge of falling for about four seconds. but it passes. it’s just a grin. it’s not significant

he doesn’t like to talk that much. he listens, mainly, which is more than fine with you. somewhat. you like the sound of his voice. hearing it whenever possible is nice. you don’t tell him that. why would you? how would you?

he’s known you for centuries. it feels like that, at least. maybe it has been centuries. you don’t know. you lost count. you secretly believe it has been. believe you two have something that time cannot get its hands on and the both of you will remain young forever and completely messing with everything together as two people with the capacity to rule cities together should

he’s loyal. he’ll follow you anywhere. he’d follow you anywhere. he follows you everywhere. you get mildly offended when people imply you have some unsavory part in that. a magic spell. blackmail. empty promises. there’s none of that. he’s simply loyal. and there’s nothing simple about it. and you’re grateful for it

he says your name often. whether you’re around or not. no matter who he’s speaking to. you don’t say his name enough

he believes in you

without question

without hesitation

when no one else does

he believes

he does believe in you, he does, he does, he’d give you his heart directly from his chest to prove it

and maybe one day you’ll ask for that but for now you’ll admire the boy whose hair is in tangles and whose gaze is steel blue and voice is a low calculated drawl from his lips and you’ll keep how much he trusts you and the way he says your name stored deep within you with that admiration and you’ll keep him by your side as if you could get him to leave if you ever wanted him to and you would never want him to

and you’ll get irritated

and you’ll sigh, purposefully loud, purposefully looking at him longer than you should, purposefully letting a grin tug at your own lips

because he’s four inches taller

and you’re holding onto that and other details that mean both absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things

and absolutely everything to you


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cats are the shit

cats are so fucking funny, this cheered me up so much

The one with the takeout box looks like its trying to take flight

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How many times can you wear it between washes?


Huh. I think this is the most important thing I’ve ever reblogged.

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when they say youre too old for disney

The hop, I can’t. I cackled.

"It’s not that I don’t like serious stories or that I couldn’t make one, but currently in the video game industry you see a lot of game designers who are working really hard to make their games seem really cool. For a lot of us at Nintendo, it’s difficult to decide what cool is. In fact, it’s a lot easier for us to laugh at ourselves. It’s almost as if we’re performers. Our way of performing is by creating these fun, odd and goofy things. Nintendo isn’t one simple element of an overall gaming industry. I really think there needs to be a Nintendo genre, that’s almost its own entity."

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just remember that had voldemort picked neville to kill instead of harry and nevile was the boy who lived/the chosen one if neville had that lightening bolt scar severus snape would still be a death eater

it’s not like he thought being a death eater was wrong — it wasn’t until something directly affected him did he reconsider and idk about you but that is not my definition of “bravery” in the slightest

That…is actually a really good point

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i bought pokemon crystal online from someone and their nicknames are possibly the greatest nicknames i have ever encountered


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